Apple has revealed a few of the emoji it’ll be releasing on iOS, watchOS and macOS later this year, a little gift just in time for World Emoji Day. The new expressive icons include a T-Rex and an Elf for Jurassic Park and LOTR fans tired of typing out the names of their heroes, as well as some new emoji that encourage more diverse communication, including a women a wearing a headscarf, and an emoji for breast-feeding.

The emoji are all part of the Unicode Emoji 5.0 standard release, which was finalized in March and released to the public in May. The total list includes 69 more emoji, and Apple is showing over a dozen of its interpretations of the new standardized icons today.

  1. emoji_update_2017_3

  2. emoji_update_2017_4

  3. emoji_update_2017_12

  4. emoji_update_2017_11

  5. emoji_update_2017_10

  6. emoji_update_2017_9

  7. emoji_update_2017_8

  8. emoji_update_2017_7

  9. emoji_update_2017_6

  10. emoji_update_2017_5

  11. emoji_update_2017_2

  12. emoji_update_2017_1

  13. emoji_update_set_one

  14. emoji_update_set_two

  15. emoji_update_set_three

Other new emoji shared by Apple today include an exploding head smiley, as well as the very illustrative vomiting smiley face. There’s a zebra and a genie, for increased zoological and crytozoological range, and a sandwich that looks nearly good enough to eat.

We’re nearing the day when we are able to converse entirely in pictographs. In fact, all I really need is that T-Rex emoji to convey the full range of my emotions, so I can’t wait.

Apple’s also doing some other stuff in celebration of World Emoji Day, including replacing the names of some of its moives with emoji interpretations in the iTunes store. Just check out the movies section of the store on iOS or in iTunes on the desktop to try your hand at interpreting the emoji translations.