The consensus among political pundits is that Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s new Communications Director, did a terrific job at yesterday’s White House press briefing.

I beg to differ. The first part of Scaramucci’s ‘presentation’ was all about how great he is: he made a fortune on Wall Street, he went to Harvard Law School, it was too bad he had to sell his business to take a job in the White House, and on and on and on. And it wasn’t just what he said, but he displayed a level of arrogance that was striking.

Of course, the only other person he flattered more in that press briefing was President Trump. It was beyond bizarre, but it makes sense why Trump would hire him, as the Trump White House is in free-fall and Trump is looking to surround himself with only loyalists, presumably believing that will prevent the free-fall from ending in fatality.