Remember the Iraq war, the one where George Bush and Dick Cheney scared America into starting a full-on war with Iraq because, as they kept saying, we couldn’t find out about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction until we saw a mushroom cloud?

Well, over a half of a million unnecessary deaths later, we all know Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. But we only know this after the drumbeat of war was so loud because Bush and Cheney brought in Blackwater, the outsourcing war company that helped kill those 500,000 innocent people.

And guess, what, America’s ‘Education Secretary’ is the sister of the founder of Blackwater, Erik Prince. Yes, Betsy DeVos, in charge of our public education department, is the sister of Bush’s outsourced war department. Just how much more ‘educational’ can you get when the ‘America’s teacher’ will literally kill you if you don’t behave the way that will make her even more money?