After a weekend that will go down in American history as one of our darkest, the weekend when neo-nazis and white supremacists descended upon Charlottesville, VA, with bats, helmets and shields so they could beat up and brutalize innocent people, America has an even bigger problem to confront.

The bigger problem is the confirmation, after he refused to call out these neo-nazis, that The President of the United States is a racist, plain and simple.

It is so obvious, three CEOs of America’s biggest companies just resigned from Trump’s ‘Manufacturing Council.’

Kenneth Frazier, CEO of massive drug company, Merk, Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour, and Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel have resigned because it took Trump more than two days to call out the thugs of the weekend as white supremacists.

It’s pretty telling when we all know these men want the ear of the president so they can lower corporate taxes, but even so just can’t be associated with a man who is now known around the world as a racist.