Donald Trump is definitely living off of the public dole, as they say. NPR has reported that his lavish lifestyle is ‘breaking the bank’ when it comes to the secret service expenses required to protect all of his homes.

They report that the U.S. Secret Service is ‘bumping up against statutory limits on overtime pay, as it struggles to provide protection for President Trump and his globe-trotting family.

Agency officials estimate more than 1,000 agents and officers will log more overtime this year than allowed by law. The same thing happened in 2016, and Congress eventually passed a workaround. The agency hoped for some relief once the busy election season was over, but overtime bills have continued to mount.

Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles said the agency is once again working with lawmakers to ensure that staffers receive the overtime pay they’re entitled to.’

Trump is nothing but a ‘taker,’ and he will take anything in the White House that is not nailed down.