The SNES Mini is already causing heaps of FOMO anxiety thanks to pre-orders that are selling out near-instantly, but if any of us DO end up getting our hands on one, the console will have a neat trick up its sleeve for players: In-game rewind.

This would allow players to set a suspend point (up to four can bet set at one time per game), and then rewind their gameplay to try to improve their performance. The feature varies how long you can rewind by game, with a sliding scale ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how fast the in-game action tends to happen, but it sounds like it’s a thoughtful feature implemented intelligently by Nintendo. Skip to the 2:15 mark in the video below (via Eurogamer) to see the rewind feature in action.

The SNES Classic Edition ships with 21 games installed, including the unreleased sequel to StarFox. The suspend points themselves are super useful for this era, since they give you the ability to quickly and instantly save your progress instead of relying on in-game progress markers, but the rewind feature should mean nostalgic gamers can tackle even points in play that have long frustrated them.

Then again, maybe this just yet another example of how millennials have everything too easy and never had to deal with the kind of challenges that built character for Generation X and Xennials.