Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans might be the first truly bad thing to come out of its expanded cinematic TV and movie universe, judging by the early looks we’re getting at the series, which premieres on ABC on November 3.

The new look has a lot more of characters beyond the wooden Black Bolt, and the mad Maxwell, his brother. But we see more of that really cheesy looking Medusa hair, engaging in some fighting that looks pretty lamesauce.

Overall this looks like a poorly made fan cosplay video of The Inhumans, instead of something worthy of the actual Marvel mantle. This trailer makes it look marginally better, I guess, if only because they lean heavily on quick cuts to try to minimize its obvious visual weaknesses.

I’m still hoping I’m very wrong and this comes out great, but I have a hard time seeing how that will happen based on the available evidence. Go read the current comics run of Black Bolt instead, or by the time this rolls out, pick up the trade and enjoy it as a palate cleanser.