Hurricane Harvey has claimed 23 deaths as of today, and the body count is just beginning, but what does Donald Trump talk about today in Springfield, MO? He talked about reforming taxes. Reforming taxes? Are you kidding me?

Yesterday, when he went to Texas, Trump bragged about the crowd size, you know, the crowd that was there looking for food and water and shelter. He even sported a hat that he sells online for $40, the profits of which go to his ‘re-election’ campaign.

Trump’s lack of empathy is epic. His speech about what happened in Virginia was just one of many examples. His lack of respect for law or even people who work hard to do their jobs to uphold the law is shocking.

Even Trump’s loyal base of supporters, 33% of voters, is shrinking. Even they can see this guy is unfit, unprepared and completely unable to make America great again.

No one respects President Trump, not Congress, not the voters, not even business leaders. He truly is the president who never was.