Most people use Amazon’s Alexa to answer their questions, but what about using it to test what you already know?

That’s the idea behind MythQuiz, an audio flashcard platform. It was created by physical therapy student Lacey Hineman and her father, engineer Francis Hineman at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hackathon in San Francisco. They were also joined by product manager, Phillip Pang, who they met at the event.

With MythQuiz, Alexa “will ask you a question and you have to recall what you learned,” said Ms. Hineman. They hope to partner with universities and online databases to build question sets for the quizzes.

Mr. Hineman said that he came up with an idea for partnering with local businesses as well. They incorporated Nexmo’s technology to send discounts to users who get high scores.

College students are always hungry,” said Ms. Hineman. She thinks that the quizzes will be a hit if people can get deals on food. 

It was Ms. Hineman’s first hackathon, but Mr. Hineman and Mr. Pang had been to several before. Pang stayed up all night to make sure that the project was ready to present on time.

The trio said they plan to continue working on this after the event and hope to turn this into a full-fledged business. They said they’ll be working on integrations for Google Home and other voice platforms.

The winners from this Hackathon will be announced this afternoon.