Bernie Sanders delivered President Trump to America on a silver platter.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on September 7, Sanders responded to the excerpt claiming he undercut Clinton’s policy ideas by stating, “Does anybody really believe that?” He continued, “The truth is and the real story is that the ideas that we brought forth during that campaign, which were so crazy and so radical, are increasingly becoming mainstream.”

Sanders cited these policy ideas as a $15 minimum wage, a $1 trillion infrastructure plan he introduced nearly a year before Clinton’s plan was introduced, and single payer health care, which has become increasingly popular despite Clinton claiming it will “never, ever come to pass.”

Sanders also advocated for free public college tuition, which Clinton ridiculed during the primaries but took credit for earlier this year when Sanders and Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to provide free public college tuition in her home state, New York. Further, Sanders introduced his youth employment plan two weeks before Clinton introduced her apprenticeship program, making Clinton’s claims that Sanders stole her ideas as demonstrably false. Nevertheless, mainstream media has branded the excerpt from her book as factual.