My parents taught me to work hard, be honest, and appreciate all that you have. I liked those principles, because while they believed in capitalism and monetary success, they also compelled me to be humble at every level of success.

Perhaps that is why I have such a problem with Donald Trump. Even though Trump inherited his money, he certainly shows an appreciation for capitalism and success. I read ‘The Art of the Deal’ in a day, because I was fascinated by Trump’s seemingly incredible talent at business. Trump also worked his way into the Oval Office, also a notable success. An incredible success.

But the last part of what my parents taught me is where Trump falls, in my opinion. It is unbelievable how little humility Trump shows, considering all that he has been given and all that he has been able to get. With all of that, he is yet one of the most negative and mean people who every occupied the White House. Even today, he shows nothing but a selfish regard for himself, when he could do the opposite and show that he truly has compassion for the average American. He doesn’t.