Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, sure has Donald Trump all tied up in knots. We all know how ‘The Donald’ loves praise and hates criticism even more. Wolff’s book is Trump’s ‘Antichrist,’ in that regard.

Wolff’s book paints the picture of a president who has less than zero intelligence and whose own senior staff calls him ‘a moron’ and ‘an idiot.’ This is not news to any American who has been paying attention to real news, not the fake news Trump promotes, but to hear it from his senior staff, including ex-campaign CEO Steve Bannon, is shocking.

One can only speculate how Trump got into, yet alone graduated from Wharton without ever buying a text book, as the book claims, but let’s just say it looks like Trump’s daddy taught him all he needed to know about how to buy power in America.

Trump ‘tweets’ like a teenager, not a president, and his language is equally undeveloped. If those who voted for this buffoon still think they made the right decision, perhaps they should move to Russia, to get the full experience they desire, under Vladimir Putin.