There is little doubt that if Oprah Winfrey were to run for president, her unbeatable star power would give her incredible leverage over any other Democratic candidate.

But that is also why she shouldn’t do it.

Fulfilling the duties of U.S. Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world is one of the most complicated jobs On the planet and one that can end in dire consequences if not handled properly. People like to poo-poo the value of having experience working in government or a vast understanding of current relations with other countries, but that is a mistake. Experience matters and there are plenty of people that have it who could handle the job more effectively.

Certainly Oprah has the communication skills, and she seems to be a quick learner, but that’s not enough. The next president should be someone who can take over the office without much of a learning curve. Donald Trump has accomplished far less than he intended in his first year, mostly due to his lack of knowledge about how the government functions.

No major corporation would hire someone to fill the CEO position who hasn’t demonstrated the skills needed to do the job, so why would we have a lower standard for the person who occupies the Oval Office?