Netflix has delivered another six glimpses into Black Mirror‘s often-bleak view of technology and humanity.

On the latest episode of TechCrunch’s Original Content podcast, one of your regular hosts, Anthony Ha, is joined by Jordan Crook to discuss the fourth season of the science fiction anthology series. While we liked it — in fact, we both thought it might be Black Mirror‘s strongest season overall — we also discussed some of our reservations.

As Jordan put it: “It’s really, really hard to love something that makes you feel like shit.”

We had plenty to say about each episode, particularly in a debate over the merits of “U.S.S. Callister,” an episode that serves as both a pastiche of classic Star Trek and a condemnation of nerd misogyny. And we discussed some of the week’s other news, including Hulu’s subscriber growth and a preview of its new Live TV guide, plus the continuing fallout from YouTuber Logan Paul posting a video of a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest.”

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Featured Image: Netflix