Look, I understand your frustration with Washington and with the way you feel like you have been screwed by the ‘establishment.’ They never seem to listen to us. Instead they seem more concerned about keeping their Washington jobs than helping the average American have a good life.

I also understand the impulse to try something different if what has happened in the past hasn’t worked.

But I think it is time to admit that ‘trying something different’ by electing Donald Trump as president was not the right kind of ‘different.’ This man cares nothing about the average American. He just passed a tax cut for the very richest among us that will in a few years become a tax increase for the rest of us. He disguised that fact by giving regular Americans a little tax break right away, but over time that becomes a tax increase.

And let’s get to the facts: Trump circulates ‘fake news’ more than any other source. Every single day of his administration, he has told over 5 lies. Five lies per day. That is about as fake as you can get.

It seems you don’t care about his moral failings, but the rest of us do. Extramarital affairs, abuse of women, insulting every other country. This is not the stuff of leadership, this is the stuff of a bullying freak who has no business leading, at least what used to be, in the words of Ronald Reagan, ‘A shining city on a hill.’

Your anger is not an excuse to destroy what used to be the greatest country on earth.