The Cloverfield Paradox is the kind of movie where a character will straight-facedly declare: “This dimension is eating us alive!”

The first trailer for the film hit during the Super Bowl, and Netflix released the movie itself as soon as the game was over. Paradox takes the vaguely-connected Cloverfield franchise into space, where an international team of scientists (including Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Hamilton and Daniel Bruhl’s Schmidt) are experimenting with a particle accelerator that might solve Earth’s energy problems. Naturally, things go very badly.

TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook and Anthony Ha offer their thoughts on the film in the latest episode of the Original Content podcast. Our colleague Josh Constine published a somewhat positive review shortly after the movie went live, but we were considerably less impressed; one of the most-repeated words during our review was: “Why??”

We also discuss the week’s streaming news, including an upcoming Western from Amazon starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, a new immigrant-focused series from Apple and YouTube’s decision to (temporarily) cut off Logan Paul’s ad revenue.

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Featured Image: Netflix