We are all-too familiar with Donald Trump’s penchant for ‘hot babes,’ and his tendency to brag about how he can grab any woman he wants because he is ‘famous.’

So it makes sense that Trump chose Andy Puzder to head up the U.S. Labor Dept., because as Melania Trump has said, ‘boys will be boys’ and some love to put women in their places.

Puzder, who ran Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. burger chains, is known not just for his belief that there should not be a minimum wage that allows people to live even at poverty level, but also for his ad campaigns that use women as sex objects. He had this to say about his sexually-charged ad campaigns:

“My son’s now 17, but when he was 13 he didn’t want to eat at ‘the king’ [or] ‘the clown,’ he wanted to eat where his brother ate, so he wanted to be a young hungry guy. I’m 64, I want to be a young hungry guy. Some young ladies in your age group like to date young hungry guys.” He explained the psyche behind the over-sexualized campaigns.

How charming. A man who clearly has no respect for women would have been in charge of making sure women are treated fairly in the workplace.