(Tom Toles)

Corey Lewandowski inadvertently let out the secret thought process of the Trumpworld mind-set. When confronted with a mention of a child with Down syndrome separated from her family, he blurted: “WOMP WOMP.”

Yes, this surely is the key to the code of the Trump value system. We can apply it to some other examples and test for fit.

President Trump has told the public more than 3,000 lies so far. WOMP WOMP!

The Trump tax cuts went mostly to the rich, and the deficits and the safety-net cuts go to everyone else. WOMP WOMP!

The Trump climate policy will inundate coastal cities. WOMP WOMP!

Trump’s mixing of government and personal finances destroys any standard of ethical conduct. WOMP WOMP!

Trump is alienating democratic allies and embracing dictators. WOMP WOMP!

Trump threatens to use firings and pardons to place himself above U.S. law. WOMP WOMP!

Okay, now try to argue with WOMP WOMP. Reason? WOMP WOMP. Compassion? WOMP WOMP. Honesty? WOMP WOMP. Personal integrity? WOMP WOMP. Justice? WOMP WOMP.

This mind-set of utter callousness will never yield because it is impervious. It answers to only its own prerogatives, and those are essentially concerned with mechanisms to accumulate and exercise power. And when enough power is accumulated? Then the brutality evidenced against the likes of a child with Down syndrome gets applied more broadly.

Then comes the pivot to WHUMP WHUMP.