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Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a frequent critic of President Trump, takes fresh aim at his fellow Republican in a new video in which he mocks Trump’s efforts to save the coal industry, saying it makes no more sense than protecting Blockbuster video-rental stores.

The three-minute video opens with Schwarzenegger, an actor well known for his time-traveling title role in “The Terminator” movie series, lecturing a Trump bobblehead.

“So President Trump, I know you really want to be an action hero, right?” Schwarzenegger says. “So take it from the Terminator, you’re only supposed to go back in time to protect future generations. But your administration attempts to go back in time to rescue the coal industry, which is actually a threat to future generations.”

“It is foolish to bring back laughable, outdated technology to suit your political agenda,” Schwarzenegger continues. “I mean, what are you going to bring back next? Floppy disks? Fax machines? Beanie Babies? Beepers? Or Blockbuster? Think about it. What if you tried to save Blockbuster?”

Schwarzenegger then muses about what it would be like if Trump sought to bolster Blockbuster at the expense of Netflix, a company that has adapted for a public that prefers watching films online.

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The video featuring Schwarzenegger was produced by ATTN:, which bills itself as a media company “that breaks down important societal topics and conversations into digestible, entertaining videos.”

This is hardly the first time Trump and Schwarzenegger have tangled. After Trump launched his 2016 campaign, Schwarzenegger took over as host of Trump’s long-running NBC reality series, “The Apprentice.” He lasted just one season.

Trump has taken repeated shots at Schwarzenegger for his low ratings, writing on Twitter at one point last year “Arnold Schwarzenegger did a really bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice.”

Schwarzenegger has been critical of other Trump policies, including his administration’s move to allow increased offshore drilling.

“Don’t touch California,” Schwarzenegger said in a tweet earlier this year. “If you want to drill, do it off Mar-a-Lago.”

That, of course, was a reference to Trump’s beachfront waterfront estate in Palm Beach, Fla.