Republican hothead and fierce Trump defender Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has officially shifted into crisis mode.

Jordan has been accused by seven former wrestlers at Ohio State University of turning a blind eye to widespread sexual abuse of student-athletes by team doctor, Richard Strauss, when he was a wrestling coach at the school.

On Monday, the conservative crisis management firm Shirley & Banister Public Affairs released a statement on Jordan’s behalf, in an effort to thwart the mounting scandal headlines.

The statement touted the claims of six former OSU coaches who insist they, along with Jordan, never heard about allegations regarding Strauss, and therefore never ignored troubling claims.

But at least one of the former coaches, Russ Hellickson, has previously gone on the record indicating he had deep concerns about Strauss’ behavior and that he had warned the doctor about being “too hands-on” with the students and that he made them uncomfortable by regularly showering with them.