Google is announcing a fair number of updates to G Suite at its Next conference today, most of which focus on the user experience. In addition to those, though, the company also launched a new security investigation tool for admins that augments the existing tools for preventing and detecting potential security issues. The new tool builds on those and adds remediation features to the G Suite security center.

“The overall goal of the security center in G Suite is to provide administrators with the visibility and control they need to prevent, detect and remediate security issues,” said David Thacker, Google’s VP of product management for G Suite. “Earlier this year, we launched the first major components of this security center that help admins prevent and detect issues.”

Now with this third set of tools in line, G Suite admins can get a better understanding of the threats they are facing and how to remediate them. To do this, Thacker said, analysts and admins will be able to run really advanced queries over many different data sources to identify the users who have been impacted by a breach and then investigate what exactly happened. The tool also makes it easy for admins to remove access to certain files or to delete malicious emails “without having to worry about analyzing logs, which can be time-consuming or require complex scripting,” as Thacker noted.

This new security tool is now available as an Early Adopter Program for G Suite Enterprise customers.