Let’s be honest. We all knew this was too good to last, right? For a few brief moments, Amazon’s Echo Spot was listed at $0.00. The smart device quickly went out of stock, only to have its price balloon back up to $129. Those who managed to pick one up crossed their fingers in hopes that the company would still make good.

Users (a few of our staff members included) are reporting, however, that the company has begun canceling orders placed within the window. It doesn’t appear to be a blanket cancelation at the moment, but that may well just be the time it takes to process what must have hundreds of orders, at least. Interestingly, the white version of the device (the one that was momentarily free) is still listed as being “currently unavailable” on the site.

We’re still waiting to hear back from Amazon about what, precisely, went down here. We’ve nudged them again this morning, in hopes of getting more information on the cancelation — and whether the company will, at the very, offer up something as consolation to disappointed bargain hunters.