Sorry, Trump supporters, but you need to start opening your eyes and accepting the fact that you have made a huge mistake in voting and supporting Donald Trump, a man who is the worst example for our children to follow, if America is to remain the greatest country in the world.

We can’t survive as a superpower if we all don’t pay our taxes (otherwise we couldn’t afford the greatest military on earth), and Trump doesn’t.

We can’t be the beacon of freedom without supporting freedom of the press, and Trump doesn’t.

We can’t be the shining city on the hill if we don’t accept those tired, huddled masses from other nations, and Trump doesn’t.

We can’t promote justice if we don’t make the rule of law a first priority, and Trump doesn’t.

Understand, Trump doesn’t care about you, he only cares about himself and it is time for you to open your mind and realize this is a path to the destruction of America until we all understand that.