Complaining of sore feet, Donald Trump refused to fight for American democracy overseas by not accepting the draft. Yet this loser now has the nerve to criticize the Navy Seal who killed one of America’s biggest foreign enemies, Osama Bin Laden.

The Washington Post made very clear how Trump no longer qualifies to be Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America:

‘Bill McRaven, a retired Navy SEAL and Special Operations commander who oversaw the killing of Osama bin Laden and the capture of Saddam Hussein, is just the latest veteran to face Trump’s ire. “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked the president about McRaven’s comment that Trump referring to the free press as “the enemy of the people” is the greatest threat to democracy. Rather than respond to the substance of this critique, Trump dismissed McRaven as a “Hillary Clinton fan” and an “Obama backer.” Then he said the four-star admiral should have caught bin Laden earlier.

“Wouldn’t it have been nice if we got Osama bin Laden a lot sooner than that?” the president said. “Everybody in Pakistan knew he was there.”’