By now, we all know that Donald Trump is nothing but a blowhard who lies and promises the moon, while delivering nothing but failure. He even had to pay $25 million to the victims of his sham of a ‘university’ that simply took money from innocent victims, otherwise known as his ‘students.’

But after all of the scandals, womanizing, and possibly even cheating in order to become president in the first place, the one thing Trump had going for him was the in his first year of being president, the stock market was doing well.

But now, in 2018, the stock market is a disaster. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has not only lost all of its gains for the entire year, it is now delivering a loss for the entire year of 2018, from where it started, at 24,824 at the beginning of the year.

This probably won’t sway Trump’s supporters, because hardly any even own stocks, but they should take notice that the man they thought was such a winner and money-maker is actually one of the biggest frauds on earth.