I have, all my life, been successful and been able to pay my taxes and provide for my family. But there was a short period, after the Bush recession, that I was out of work and desperately needed help. I thanked God I was able to feed my family through the food stamp program.

That’s why this really hits home for me that a born-rich jerk like Trump wants to make it harder for people who have already been handed a hard deal.

If Congress won’t make more food stamp recipients work for their benefits, the Trump administration will.

The US Department of Agriculture unveiled a proposed rule Thursday that would expand work requirements in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, as the food stamp program is formally known. The proposal comes on the same day as President Donald Trump plans to sign a farm bill that had a similar provision that was eventually eliminated.

The overhaul marks the administration’s latest effort to impose work requirements in government assistance programs. In an unprecedented move, it has started allowing states to mandate that Medicaid recipients find employment. Administration officials point to the nation’s low unemployment rate as a reason to push more Americans to self-sufficiency.