It is mind-blowing how much Trump has failed as president. Trump has:

-Promised a wall to be paid for by Mexico: No wall has been built and Mexico is saying f-you about paying for it

-Promised the average American will get a tax cut: Only the rich got a tax cut, and can now give billions to their kids without paying taxes

-Promised the stock market will be higher than ever under his presidency: The stock market has had its worst month since The Great Depression in 1929

-Promised he would make America great again: America has fallen and is no longer considered a world power

-Promised he would get rid of North Korea’s nuclear weapons: North Korea has just enhanced its nuclear program

-Promised that Russia would fold and become less powerful: Trump just pulled out of the Syrian War and Vladimir Putin is happier than a pig in shit

Enough of Trump’s ‘wining,’ and time to put a real winner in charge of America.