What is so enthralling about Trump’s ‘wall story’ is how his failure to build the wall illustrates the fact that the two main pillars of Trump’s ‘strength’ and the reasons he got elected are totally fraudulent.

Remember the orginal promise? “I am going to build a big, beautiful Wall and Mexico is going to pay for it!’

So there, Trump invoked the two myths about his abilities. The first myth is that Trump is a great builder of things. The second myth is that Trump is a state-of-the-art dealmaker.

Both of those arguments have been completely destroyed, and by none other than Trump himself. Now Trump is talking about ‘repairing’ a fence.

So let’s get this straight, ‘Mr. Dealmaker’ has not only failed at his promised ‘deal’ he doubled down on it so much, by closing down the U.S. government at Christmas and has trapped himself into a corner that even a rat can’t escape.

That takes ‘talent,’ unfortunately the wrong kind of talent for a leader of the free world.