I hate to admit it, but I hang around some very, very, very wealthy people at times. And all I can tell you is that they just LOVE Donald Trump. You know why? They love him because he was able to cut down the estate tax (self-dealing, ‘ya think?).

What is the estate tax?

The estate tax used to put a cap on the amount of money a person can leave their heirs at $5 million without anybody paying a tax to do so. By the way, don’t try and buy a tube of toothpaste without paying a tax. Thanks to Trump, that limit has now been more than doubled.

This means that the rich can give their kids more money without a tax. In other words the rich just got richer for free and Donald Trump is their hero because of it.

But what I cannot understand is why the poor, and/or unemployed Americans think Trump is their savior. Perhaps they have a deluded fantasy that he will become their rich daddy? God knows, but boy are they completely wrong.