Every president dislikes the press. After all, who likes to be criticized? And a president surely hates being criticized, because anyone who wants to basically run the world is the kind of person who really, really doesn’t want a boss.

But when one becomes President of the United States, one must understand they are no longer a boss, but a servant to every single one of the 360 million American people they serve.

Tough jobs require tough oversight and those who do those jobs must be tougher than anyone. That is why it is so laughable that Donald Trump, who pretended to be tough, is crying like a baby because The Washington Post tells the ugly truth about him.

I wouldn’t say Trump is dumb, because it is clear he realizes that right now he is under very serious scrutiny, and if anyone in the world knows where all of Trump’s ‘bodies are buried’ it is the president himself and the Washington Post will uncover every single one.