I am being a little tounge-in-cheek here, but one really has to ask: who, or WHAT is Mike Pence? We all saw the automaton performance in the Oval Office during that meeting with Trump, Pelosi and Schumer. He sat there, not saying a word or showing any facial expression – half the time with his eyes closed.

Today, Putin’s ‘robot’ made a televised speech claiming the U.S. has crushed ISIS, TWO HOURS AFTER ISIS SET OFF A BOMB THAT KILLED AT LEAST FOUR AMERICAN SERVICE PEOPLE IN SYRIA!

What human could make such a speech, knowing that ISIS just showed us they are not done killing Americans?!

Pence may not be a ‘mechanical’ robot, but he sure as heck is doing just what he is being told to do.

So just who is it that Pence is taking orders from?