Newly elected Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi recently said that Trump’s wall is immoral. While I understand her implication that a wall stands for keeping good people out, I don’t think a wall is immoral, but Donald Trump, who wants to build it, is immoral because he wants to do it for the wrong reasons (to get re-elected president, as though that will ever happen).

In fact, a wall makes sense at some parts of the U.S. / Mexico border, and in fact we already have one in most of those areas. But a wall is not the answer to stop illegal immigration. In fact, tunnels and airports are used more than those crawling over the border on all fours to bring the bulk of crime into the U.S.

We have to be smarter than using ideas from thousands of years ago to solve modern problems. Has Trump ever heard of drones, microchips and other modern technology?