It may be hard to remember, but MoviePass once offered a relatively straightforward value proposition — for a monthly subscription fee, you could watch as many movies as you want. Now it sounds like a version of that plan is coming back.

The news was shared in an interview that Executive Vice President Khalid Itum gave to Variety. Apparently, Itum didn’t offer any details beyond saying that some version of the unlimited plan — allowing subscribers to watch as many movies as they want each month — will be launching next week.

It’s barely been a month since MoviePass announced new pricing plans for 2019. (In the same announcement, MoviePass said Itum would be taking over day-to-day operations, although Mitch Lowe would remain as CEO.) But even the most expensive plan — which costs between $19.95 and $24.95, depending on where you live — was limited to three movie tickets per month.

It’s probably safe to guess the revamped unlimited plan won’t have the old price of $9.99. After all,, the company says it’s looking to break even on the tickets it’s selling — which seems like an obvious business necessity, but the company had previously been in growth-at-all-costs mode.

Itum said MoviePass is no longer pursuing other business models where it makes money by taking a cut of concessions or getting a discount on tickets. It is, however, still working on a “red label” solution where theaters can create their own subscription plans.

In addition, Itum said efforts to rehabilitate MoviePass’ image are starting to pay off, as the company is starting to regain subscribers.

“I feel like we’re turning a corner,” he said.