What a mess, and I don’t mean the U.S. government is a mess, I mean that the ‘man’ trying to run it is a mess. Nasty, abusive, lying Donald Trump. He has no idea how tough his life would be if his daddy didn’t enrich him, just for being born, with hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is so insulting to all of us regular Americans to see a born-rich brat tell the rest of us who can’t buy food to ‘just make a deal with your local grocer.’

Make a deal with your local grocer?!!! I can guarantee that if I pulled my cart of food up to the cashier at Publix and told the cashier I need to get all this for free because I have no money, he or she would call security to have me removed from the premises.

But I digress, Donald Trump is the biggest mob boss on the planet, and that is because voting Americans made it legal for him to become president and screw us all.

We have never seen a president of the United States be surrounded by so many senior staff who have been indicted, pleaded guilty and have gone to jail.

Not only does this ‘emperor have no clothes,’ he is the ring leader of the biggest heist ever put upon America.