Oh, poor Liddle Donnie, he never thought he would be brought down by women.

After all, he has spent his life raping, cheating on and lying to women, and when they tried to fight back, he just threw a legal agreement and a wad (of cash) at them to get them to shut up. And they did.

But now it is all different, because Trump wanted to play in the big leagues and become president and the women he must contend with have real power. Jeez, who knew a woman could actually control a man, yet alone bring him down?

Ha, ha, ha, Donnie, you just learned a great life lesson at age 72.

What a great irony, Donald Trump who has abused women all of his lousy years is now being taking down by two very powerful women, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. Nancy Pelosi has put Trump in his ‘man place’ and Kamala Harris is about to steal Trump’s job right from under his lazy, fat legs.