Republicans used to make fun of Senator Amy Klobuchar because they said she was too mid-western friendly. You know, too nice-seeming. But now, it has come to light that Klobuchar is actually tough.

Frankly, as a Democrat who wants Trump’s ass whipped like it never got whipped before, at least before Stormy Daniels whipped it before sex with him, I think we need a strong president, one who may be tough to work for. Otherwise we will never exit the world of Trump sex abuse and physical abuse, and of course, most important, governmental abuse.

But Republicans fear strong women, because they know that strong women threaten their monopoly on ruling the world. They have even surfaced comments from some of Klobuchar’s former aides who say she was to difficult to work for.

How pathetic: if she were a man, they would applaud her stregnth.

Hey white assholes, get used to it. You are in big trouble and by criticizing a woman like Amy Klobuchar for being a good, tough manager (what other successful manager is there?) because she is way smarter and way more qualified.

The old, white, male power center is about to be blown up and I, for one, say good riddance.