Let’s set aside the policy impacts of what Trump reported at today’s press conference outside the Rose Garden. Whether you agree with them or not, it can’t be denied that his behavior, and treatment of the press was a disgusting display for a President of the United States. He was rude, crude, insulting and embarrassing. At it was all for the world to see.

That behavior alone was destructive to the image of what was once one of the most powerful and respectable countries in the world, The United States of America. Trump treated the press as though he is an all-powerful dictator who had the right to tell the press, our press, to sit down and shut up. Unreal.

Just watch, it is truly disgusting and his performance in itself should be enough to anger the biggest welfare recipient in American history, Mitch McConnell. But what did McConnell do, he said he fully supports Trump’s emergency declaration and his crappy attitude toward America.