It is almost as though there are two points of reality in America today. Either you are a leftist, socialist, wimpy loser, or you are a right-wing, war-loving, gun-toting hater. It has become so ridiculous that people are shooting people for no reason other than that they don’t agree on their political stances.

This isn’t right, and more importantly, it is very, very dangerous. If we don’t pull ourselves together, and start realizing that ‘both sides’ have a point, then we won’t have one side or the other ‘win,’ we will simply kill each other and end our existence on the planet.

Dramatic thought? Yes, because it is the truth and we need to get ahold of ourselves, or we will kill ourselves. Maybe that is what has to happen, but how pathetic that we now have two sides who can’t even admit to one another that we may be wrong.