So, I just couldn’t resist the double entendre. I mean, we have all heard the reports of how Roger Stone has advertised himself in personal ads as a ‘bodybuilder’ who likes to have sex with his wife and another built guy. While the fact is that Roger Stone may very well be gay, it is the secondary point. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with being gay, there’s only something wrong with pretending you aren’t.

The main point here is that Stone couldn’t keep his mouth shut long enough to prevent him from pissing off the judge overseeing his criminal case, and provoked her so much she had to shove a gag order down his throat.

My guess is that Stone probably found that strangely exciting, not just because of whatever his sexuality may be, but because he just can’t help himself from lying, maybe this makes it easier from him to not destroy himself because he has been forced to not do so and therefore has no choice. Yes, I know that sounds perverted, but we are talking about Roger Stone, here.