I mean, really, we need a solution here, because we have a president who is so completely insane, and yes, stupid, that he even and unwittingly just insulted 60% of America – people who wear glasses! Art of the Deal? Ha, ha, ha, ha, and so on.

USA TODAY puts it best: “Donald Trump is president of the United States, but the former reality TV star still frequently speaks of the people in his political orbit through the lens of show business.

On Monday, in telling of a 2017 encounter with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump described Xi’s aides as straight out of “central casting.”

And in case anybody missed the point, the showman applied a few hand gestures for special effect: Pulling his hands to his face as he mentioned the aides’ glasses, Trump made two circles with his fingers and then strategically placed them around his eyes.

Showcasing his flair for drama, Trump regaled the nation’s governors with his tale of how he persuaded the Chinese president in 2017 to release three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting in Hangzhou, China.”