We all know how just plain stupid Donald Trump really is, which is why he had Michael Cohen threaten Trump’s past schools to never, ever dare release Trump’s grade transcripts to the public. We also all know that means Trump only got through school only because daddy paid the schools off. Otherwise, Trump would have plastered his transcripts all over the place, so he could brag how he really does ‘know big words.’

But now we have an even dumber ‘Trump,’ Trump’s schill and sell out, Roger Stone. USA Today reports that ‘A federal judge warned Roger Stone, the flamboyant political operative under indictment as part of the Russia investigation, that his latest book could violate an order prohibiting him from talking about the case.

She gave him until Monday to explain himself.

“It does not matter when the defendant may have first formulated the opinions expressed, or when he first put them into words: he may no longer share his views on these particular subjects with the world,” U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in an order on Tuesday.’