Politicians are known for being short-sighted, thinking mostly about how they can get re-elected again, more than anything else. But running the world, yet alone a country, requires much longer-term thinking. I used to want to be in Congress, but then I realized that job is not one of leadership, it is one of saving one’s own ass to collect a check.

Real leadership looks at the big problems and addresses them. That is real leadership, because it takes guts and a long-term vision to deal with big problems. The average voter thinks short-term, and it’s easy for a politician to simply placate their short-term vision.

This is why two of the biggest problems facing America, and the world for that matter, are not being addressed with any level of seriousness by American politicians.

Those two problems are:

1) The fact that man is enabling technology, and technology is growing so fast and furiously, that there is no doubt it will eventually overtake man’s ability to process and store information and outthink man. That may be an evolution impossible to stop, but it must be managed.

2) The fact that the earth’s climate is changing in ways that will eventually annihilate the human race if not addressed, and man will eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

Perhaps instead of being afraid of robots taking over, we need to work together with them, to make the world a place where we all want to live.