CNN reports that it looks like Trump just got off again:

‘The Republican National Committee is putting a positive spin on special counsel Robert Muller’s report Friday evening.

In talking points provided to its lists of supporters and obtained by CNN, the RNC says, “After two years, millions of taxpayer dollars, and multiple Congressional investigations confirming there was no collusion, it’s good this report has finally concluded.”

Though the reports findings have yet to be made public, the RNC is emphasizing that Mueller is not recommending any new indictments. Additionally, the talking points highlight that, “Since day one, the White House and Trump campaign have cooperated with investigators, turned over millions of pages of documents and participated in dozens of interviews.”

The talking points also slam the “dead wrong” speculation that there was interference with the special counsel during the investigation.

“As Attorney General Barr noted, the special counsel was able to complete the report without interference from the Department of Justice,” the talking points say.’