First of all, America is no longer in a mood to have an old white guy in charge of our government. It’s just time for new blood and new people.

But more importantly, I have never liked Bernie Sanders. First off, I always felt his promises to the youngest and most gullible population – to deliver FREE COLLEGE – was one of the most disingenuous and sleazy-because-he-knew-it-was-impossible promises a candidate for president could make. How you make that happen would in itself be expensive if not highly unlikely. And it sure as hell would piss off those like me who paid tens and hundreds of thousands to get a college degree. But again, and more important, it would just be impossible. Yet he made the most impossible promise to the youngest, most trusting population he could find. That’s sleazy for an old man to do.

But also, I always found it somewhat creepy that this old man somehow attracted all of these young people who just didn’t realize Sanders is probably as much as a fraud as Donald Trump, just in a totally different, hippy-appealing way.

But what really, really pisses me off about Sanders is that when he lost the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton (and remember, he isn’t even a registered Democrat – another clue to his sleaziness), he only made one speech to help Hillary get elected, and during that speech, HE DIDN’T EVEN MENTION HER NAME ONE TIME.

The last thing we need is Bernie throwing another election to Donald Trump.

In other words, Bernie, get the fuck out of the way so we can fix the mess you have helped to create.