Vox has reported that Donald Trump has lost more money in a period of ten years than any other American:

“Russ Buettner and Susanne Craig at the New York Times on Tuesday published a blockbuster report providing insight into Trump’s business practices and taxes from 1985 to 1994. The report is based on printouts from his official IRS tax transcripts and figures from his federal tax form the Times obtained from an unnamed source with legal access to the information. Buettner and Craig went on to match those printouts to individual filings in the public, anonymized reports of the top earners that the IRS publishes each year.

Trump reported losing $46.1 million from his “core businesses” (meaning casinos, hotel, and apartment building retail space) in 1985 and kept losing money the years after, totaling $1.17 billion by 1994. Because of the losses, he avoided paying any income taxes in all but two years — in 1987, when he paid $124,344, and in 1988, when he paid $1.4 million after he recorded a $67.1 million salary stemming from a deal to buy the Taj Mahal casino. (The IRS could have changed his tax bills later because of audits.)”