Politico reports that Donald Trump is ready, willing and able to accuse law-abiding Americans of committing treason against the United States:

“He reiterated Thursday that he believes he is the victim of a long-running effort that meant to stop him from winning in 2016, delegitimize his presidency and remove him from office either through impeachment or by Democrats damaging him enough with investigations that he can’t be re-elected.

He has charged that some of his adversaries are guilty of treason, and he was asked Thursday to provide the names of people who should be held accountable for a crime punishable by death. Trump answered with a list of names: McCabe, Comey, former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former Justice Department official Lisa Page. Strzok and Page exchanged text messages during the 2016 campaign — when the FBI was investigating Trump’s operation — that disparaged him, and Trump says attempted to prevent him from winning.”

But as we all know, Trump is the master of projection, always accusing others of the ‘sins’ he alone could commit.

There are so many examples of how Trump has sold out America for his own personal gain. The most recent being that he slammed Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on foreign soil while simultaneously fawning all over murderous dictator Kim Jong Un.

It’s time to lock Trump up.