Slate reports that ‘Since the indictment in New York of financier Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges this week, decades worth of rich and powerful friends have been running for the hills, trying to distance themselves from the man who stands accused of sexual encounters with underage girls as young as 14.

Former President Bill Clinton released a statement on his relationship with the disgraced financier. So did current President Donald Trump, who distanced himself from Epstein, who happened to be given a sweetheart deal in 2008 by then-U.S. attorney in Miami Alexander Acosta, who is now Trump’s labor secretary.

The New York Times, on Wednesday, analyzed the Trump-Epstein friendship, which had eroded over the years, and uncovered a jaw-dropping anecdote about a party at Mar-a-Lago for which Trump had two-dozen women flown in for a “calendar girl” competition.”