The night he was elected, I felt sorry for our country. Sorry for the fact that Americans (apparently) elected a man who has no idea what America is really about. And sorry for the fact that Trump is nothing but a lying, cheating, racist A-hole who should never be in charge of a single-location Taco Bell, yet alone heading up the U.S. government.

But here we are, and it’s worse than I ever thought it could be. Pretend to give regular Americans a tax cut, that really only helped him and his rich friends: check. Pretend to appease the people who voted for him, making them think he actually cares about them, when in reality, he thinks they are all losers: check. Pretend to be a great ‘deal maker,’ while he has pissed off every single ally of America and has sunk our country into the biggest swamp imaginable: check.

It’s time for all of us to ask the question, ‘what is America really about?’ If it’s about Trump, we can save some time and just blow up the Statue of Liberty. Or we can be the great country our founding fathers envisioned. Your choice.