We always scratch our heads when we hear people who still support Trump, believing he is the first president to ‘tell the truth’ and who ‘can’t be bought.’

Just watch this video mashup to get a sense of that:

Our message to those die-hard Trump supporters: Please, for the sake of our country and the American democracy, face the reality that both of those thoughts are completely untrue, and in fact, the opposite is true, on both counts.

He ‘tells the truth?’ No, in fact his lies have been documented and are unprecedented among all other previous presidents.

He ‘can’t be bought?’ No, in fact all he cares about is making monetary transactions that benefit only himself.

So our question becomes, how can someone support Trump on the belief that he tells the truth and can’t be bought, when it has become common knowledge that neither is true.

Trump would call his supporters ‘fake news,’ if he really cared about what is true and what is not.