The latest hijinks of Nikki Haley can make your head spin. On the one hand, in her new book, she is claiming that Rex Tillerson and Jim Kelly tried to recruit her to band against Donald Trump. But on the other, she won’t even admit that Trump is a compulsive liar. Yet it has been proven that Trump lies more than he tells the truth.

There is something going on with her. Of course, we have all heard the speculation that she is trying to get more in favor with Trump, to perhaps replace Pence as Vice President, calculating that if Trump is forced to resign, she will become the next president.

That may be a smart calculation, except that Haley has just proven she is not fit to be President. She has blatantly defended the indefensible when it comes to Trump’s corruption, and therefore she has demonstrated that she has no problem with it, so that more than suggests she is just as corrupt as Trump himself.

Not just that, but if she was so upset that Tillerson and Kelly were betraying the President, why did she wait to say something about it until she could put it in a money-making book?

Enough corruption in Washington, Haley is just one more swamp monster that needs to be flushed down the drain.